New Clark City Exciting New Development Expanding the Clark Freeport

New Clark CityThe Philippines new modern city called New Clark City is really starting to take shape and is drawing worldwide attention. Located in Capas, Tarlac the futuristic city will expand Clark Freeport and become the twin-city to the congested and overcrowded Manila.

New Clark City is being built around the idea that people should be able to live and work in a safe city that is self-sustaining, prosperous and environmentally friendly. The commercial city full of trees and clean air will be the country’s first smart, green and disaster-resilient city.

The metropolis will be broken down into 5 districts and include national government offices, world class sporting stadiums, agro-industries, universities and a business community. New Clark City is envisioned to become Asia’s premier economic location and have a gross output of approximately $30 billion.

New Clark City Districts

  1. Government District. This 514 hectares area of the city will contain both regional and national government offices. The convenient location outside of Manila will increase attraction for foreign investments to the already booming Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ). District 1 will be primarily for governmental use but is expected to have some residential and commercial neighborhoods.
  2. Central Business District. Covering 2,690 hectares this will be the primary location for BPO and manufacturing offices. The BPO sector in the Philippines is growing faster than ever and New Clark City’s business district will be key to the country’s success in the industry. New Clark City is being constructed in an area that produces the most talented IT graduates.
  3. Academic District. The “university town” will cover 598 hectares and include both national and international schools offering degrees and specialized training courses. District 3 will be filled with dormitories, hotels, recreation facilities and shopping centers.
  4. Agro-Forestry Research and Development District. The largest district in New Clark City will be 3,135 hectares and will support organizations involved in agricultural research and developments. This area will be full of agroforestry farms and greenhouses that will open new opportunities for creating prosperity while protecting natural resources.
  5. Wellness and Ecotourism District. Located in the highest elevation of New Clark City the natural vegetation area will cover 2,513 hectares. District 5 will attract those visitors interested in wildlife, health spas and outdoor recreational activities. Retirement villages will also be located throughout the lands natural landscape with spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Singapore, Malaysia and Japan are just some of the nations that are playing a big part in the massive projects design. The 36 square mile city is expected to have a population of 2 million and be fully complete within 30 years. Construction has already started on a number of different projects.

PHASE 1 In-Progress

Clark Sporting FacilityKicking things off will be the construction of back-up government offices along with a disaster risk and recovery center to ensure continuous business operations and services to the people in case of natural disasters. The first government offices will also include one-stop shops that will support all businesses locating to New Clark City. AlloyMTD Philippines Inc., a subsidiary of MTD Capital Berhad of Malaysia, partnered with Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to develop the project.

Simultaneously, world class sporting facilities are currently being built in preparation for the training required for athletes to participate in the Southeast Asian Games next year. The athletic project includes a 20,000 seat indoor stadium, outdoor oval track and field along with an olympic swimming people that could accommodate 2,000 people. All facilities will be constructed to meet the world standards set by International Amateur and Athletics Federation (IAAF).

Futuristic New Clark City

Futuristic New ClarkPlans on how the city will operate is really exciting and sounds like something from the future. Internet of things will be heavily involved throughout the city with drones and electric driver-less vehicles. Using advanced technologies the buildings will be self-sustaining and produce minimum to no waste with the use of green energy.

The Philippines is not the first country to plan an out-of-this-world type of city. China recently failed at their attempt to attract a significant population to“China’s Manhattan” and it now remains half built and mostly empty.

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