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Remote Staffing

For those looking for full time remote staff who will help their business grow, this is the right service for you. Full time staff, round the clock manager oversight, with a dedicated HR and IT team to assist your remote staff with any administrative or technical problems. This service was built for business leaders who want to focus on making their company run smoothly while not having to worry about the additional work that comes with hiring new employees.​


Our well-designed facility is purpose-built to improve quality of life within the workspace.


We provide high-quality staff and reliable solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Seat Leasing

For all those out there with remote staff but no workspace. Seat leasing or seat rental, allows you to save on infrastructure costs and gives you the flexibility to try new locations, should one not meet your needs.

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American-owned and operated, Clark Office Space is a subsidiary of Clark Staff, the leading outsourcing service provider in the Philippines.

Clark Staff has over 60 years of BPO company experience within its management ranks, helping companies build, manage, and grow their remote teams worldwide.

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