Seat Leasing

About The Service

Seat leasing service is a plug-and-play solution for companies with remote staff but no infrastructure built to accommodate them. Seat leasing allows you to save on infrastructure costs and take advantage of an already-established work ecosystem. This service gives the flexibility to try new locations, should one not meet your standards, so you can start or continue your business with fewer headaches. 

Service Inclusions

CCTV Cameras

For the safety of all staff in the building.


To ensure all employees are coming in on time.

Highspeed Internet

Dedicated fiber connection to ensure all staff are connected at all times.

Hardware Maintenance

Onsite professional IT staff to support and assist with technical difficulties.

Work Stations

Workstations come with chairs, LCD monitors, and a PC with standard peripherals

Training Facility

Our boardroom can accommodate your staff. Equipped with whiteboards and projectors.

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American-owned and operated, Clark Office Space is a subsidiary of Clark Staff, the leading outsourcing service provider in the Philippines.

Clark Staff has over 60 years of BPO company experience within its management ranks, helping companies build, manage, and grow their remote teams worldwide.

Edward Lacandola

Vice President of Operations and Shareholder

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