Why You Should Consider Hiring Filipino VA’s

Why You Should Consider Hiring Filipino VA’s

Why You Should Consider Hiring Filipino VA'sIf you’re an entrepreneur, you will have to find out the number of workers your business needs as well as the total cost of employing them. You’ll need to make sure that it is within your budget to hire part time or full time workers. A thorough assessment is necessary before deciding, especially if you’re planning on hiring in-house workers. If not done properly, your business might experience problems that can prevent it from growing.

However, in-house workers do not come cheap. Before you even hire new people, you’ll need to make sure that your office is ready. It needs to be spacious enough to accommodate the new employees, you will have to set up new workstations, and you’ll need to spend more on overheads. Then, you will have to have enough budget for the monthly compensations, benefits, and incentives for your workforce.

Does that sound too much for you? If yes, then worry not! Filipino virtual assistants are here to help you. Virtual assistants are basically remote workers that offer the same skills of in-house employees at an affordable price. Here are reasons why you should definitely hire Filipino VAs in your business.

  1. Lower costs

Perhaps the most common reason why entrepreneurs hire Filipino virtual assistants is due to its cost-saving benefits. Full-time in-house employees have an average annual wage of $32,448 while full-time Filipino virtual assistants will only cost you $14,340 a year.

  1. English proficiency

Filipinos are known for having an expert-level grasp on the English language. Schools in the Philippines, both private and public, start teaching the English subject in as early as kindergarten. The country has been grouped with Serbia, Norway, Estonia, and Slovenia in terms of English proficiency, according to California-based Global Education Corporation.

  1. Versatility

Filipinos are known for being the most versatile workers. Not only are they hard working, but they are also capable of handling different tasks. They’re known for being intelligent and fast-learners, and shifting from one task to another seems to be natural for them. The business industry needs workers that can do different tasks efficiently, and Filipino VAs are the perfect choice for businesses who want to grow.

  1. Strong work ethic

One of the main reasons why foreign businesses love hiring Filipino workers, VA or otherwise, is their ability to adhere to rules and regulations. They are known for having a strong work ethic that makes them valuable assets of a business. The stereotypical lazy Filipino is no longer applicable, and the workforce has undergone significant improvements in the past few years. They learned to value their jobs because they know that competition in the workforce is tight, and they need to be disciplined enough to keep their valuable jobs.

Entrepreneurs looking for a talented, loyal, and educated workforce should consider outsourcing Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. By hiring VAs from the Philippines, you’re ensuring your business success in the long run, and you don’t even have to worry about spending too much money.